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Natural Waterscapes Pond Water Test Kit

Natural Waterscapes’ pond water testing service is a way for you to gain useful knowledge about your pond, so you can execute better management options. We ship you the sampling supplies; you take water and weeds from the pond and return the samples for analysis.

Testing kit includes:

1- Insulated Box for shipment
2- Ice Packs
1- Sampling Bottles
2- Sealed Bag For Aquatic Weed Sample
1- Prepaid Return Shipment Label
1- Pair of Gloves

We will perform laboratory water testing for the following water quality parameters:


Upon completion of testing your water samples, you will receive a detailed report of our findings including a summary of your water quality parameters and an explanation of how each of those parameters affects your pond. With our knowledge and experience we will recommend treatment options to swiftly and effectively improve the quality of your pond.

Results of a water test can help us identify the best treatments to improve water quality, clarity, and overall appearance. Routine testing protects aquatic life from harmful water conditions.

Any weed samples sent will also be identified and included in the summary report with recommended treatments.