Koi Fish Care


How To Care For Koi Fish & Goldfish

Koi Fish Pond Essentials

The basic essentials needed by koi and goldfish are:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Clean Water
  3. Quality Nutrition

How To Add Oxygen To A Koi Pond

Fish need oxygen to survive. Pond water contains oxygen, but this oxygen depletes over time.

Where does the oxygen go? Oxygen is consumed by the fish, plants, algae, and decomposing waste. Water temperature also affects oxygen. The warmer the pond water, the lower oxygen levels become.

Maintaining adequate oxygen levels first and foremost keeps your fish alive. Oxygen also plays a role in other water quality parameters.

Oxygen is created through the movement of water exposed to the atmosphere. Fountains, streams, waterfalls, and spitters all do this. Aerators provides an even greater amount of oxygen for fish. A koi pond aerator consists of an air pump, air line, and air stone diffuser

How to care for koi fish- koi fish care essentials

How To Clean Pond Water

The next essential component is clean water. Our definition of "clean" water may vary from what you are thinking. While you may think algae is the problem, we are actually talking about what you can't see. NUTRIENTS. 

Pond nutrients are by-products of waste that come from fish, feed, and fertilizers. Poor conditions created by nutrients cause stress to koi and goldfish. Fish that are stressed are more susceptible to parasitic and bacterial infections.

Keeping water clean is relatively simple. Treating water with microbes (good bacteria) breaks down waste. Filtration removes algae and waste from water. It also acts as a biological filter.

Helpful treatments include Nutrient Knockout, SludgeX, SummerClear, and PhosDrop.

Feeding Your Koi and Goldfish

Last but not least is food. Feed your fish premium feed to maintain vibrant colors, and maximize growth potential of pond fish. Poor quality foods can actually slow down growth and dull the color of your fish. Low grade foods also add to poor water conditions.