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Pond Salt for Koi & Goldfish

Use Pond Salt to improve fish health during periods of stress. Adding salt in pond to recommended treatment rates improves slime coat production. Pond fish need their slime coat to protect against parasites and diseases. When stressed the slime coat production drops and fish become more susceptible to sickness.

Uses for Pond Salt:

  • Ich Treatment
  • Fin Rot Treatment
  • Fish Fungal Treatment
  • Quarantine New fish
  • Reduce Fish Stress
  • Fish Salt Bath
  • Ulcer Treatment

It is important to understand that many fish illnesses are due to poor water quality. Monitor ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and pH levels and treat accordingly to improve water conditions

Fish Pond Salt Treatment Rates:

1 lb of salt (2 cups) per 100 gallons of pond water. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Salinity level of 0.1% is recommended. Use Pond Salt when exchanging 50% of pond water or more. Does not evaporate with water evaporation.