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Japanese Trapdoor Snail- Natural Pond Cleaner

Trapdoor Snails can be added to any koi pond or large pond. The trapdoor snail is an aquatic snail.

What do pond snails eat?

Pond snails clean the bottom of the pond naturally by eating algae slime on rocks and at the bottom of the pond. They will also consume uneaten fish food. 

Can Trapdoor Snails live with fish?

Yes, trapdoor snails can be added to ponds with koi, goldfish, and larger ponds with bass, bluegill

What to expect to see when pond snails arrive

Snails arrive in a bag with some water. Unlike fish, snails do not ship in a lot of water to prevent sloshing around and risking shells breaking.

Each snail is approximately 1.5- 2" in diameter. The outer shell is brown/black in color. Each snail is equipped with an operculum, or "trap door" that they use to cover the shell opening to protect themselves against predators. It is common for the snails to "close the door" when you open the package.

How long do trapdoor snails live?

Pond snails can live 5-10 years in a pond.

Recommended Snail Stocking Rate

We recommend 10 snails per 50 square feet of pond surface area for noticeable results