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Koi Pond Maintenance Guide

Koi Pond Maintenance Guide

How to Keep a Koi Pond Clean

Get to know a few important facts related to your pond before maintenancing.

  • Calculate pond volume
  • Filter rating
  • Pump rating
  • Fish quantity

Calculate Pond Volume
Pond volume plays a major role in treatment rates as well as filter/pump sizing and fish stocking rates. To calculate volume in gallons you will need to measure the length and width of the pond. You will also need to estimate the average pond depth.

To calculate pond volume in gallons :

Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x Average Depth (in feet) x 7.5

Filter Rating

How many gallons is your filter rated to handle? Is your filter properly sized for the volume of your pond? Filtering capacity can impact the pond's abiltiy to maintain clarity and filter out solids.

Pump Rating

How many gallons per hour (gph) is the pump running? Pump flow is important for pairing filtration and circulation

Fish quantity

Whats in your pond? Number of fish and their length impacts water quality. Filter size and treatments can be impated by these numbers. Click here for more about how many fish I can put in my pond


Once the basic facts of your pond are established, its easier to put together a plan and know that it will be effective.

Simple steps to keep your koi pond cleaner

  1. Apply beneficial bacteria to reduce nutrients
  2. Feed fish a quality diet, feeding no more than once per day
  3. Create shade with aquatic plants

Natural pond treatments provide balance to the pond making it cleaner and a healthier environment for fish to live. Consistency is key. Apply treatments at recommended internvals- every 1-2 weeks depending on the product. Don't let the sight of a clean pond fool you- as soon as you stop applying treatments to keep nutrients at bay, the problems come back.

Natural Treatments for Koi Ponds