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- Phosphate Remover For Koi Ponds

- Improves Water Clarity

- Buffers pH

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PhosDrop Phosphate Remover for Koi Ponds

Phosphate is the nutrient most responsible for algae blooms.  Remove the food source and improve pond water quality. 

Treats 20,000 gallons

How to clear GREEN pond water

PhosDrop is a koi pond phosphate remover treatment. Phosphate causes unsightly algae blooms and clouds water. This is a great "pond shock". Knocking down phosphate while balancing pH at the same time. PhosDrop restores balance to water while improving water clarity.

Benefits of PhosDrop

  • Phosphate Removal
  • Clears Pond Water
  • Balances pH

Phosdrop- how to remover phosphate from pond


Pour powder into moving water. Apply 1 oz scoop per 1,000 gallons of water. Can be used at any water temperature.

PhosDrop Dosage Rates
500 gallons  0.5 scoop
1,000 gallons 1 scoop
2,000 gallons 2 scoops
5,000 gallons 5 scoops 
*1 oz scoop included






phosdrop koi pond phosphate remover

Treatment can be safely used with SludgeX, SummerClear, and Nutrient Knockout by Koi Life.

PhosDrop phosphate remover safe for fish, wildlife, pets and birds.