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- Sludge Eating Tablets

- Breaks Down Fish Waste

- Cleans The Pond Bottom

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SludgeX Koi Pond Muck Removal Tablets

SludgeX is a high concentrate koi pond cleaner that uses enzymes and bacteria to digest waste at the pond bottom. 

480 tablets treats 16,000 gallons

How to remove sludge from koi pond -

SludgeX settles to the bottom of the pond where it gets to work on consuming build-up from fish waste, left over fish food, dead vegetation, leaves and other organic debris. Sludge remover pellets dissolve slowly at the pond's bottom. Bacteria along with help of enzymes feed on waste. This process happens over the course of a few weeks. It is important to continue application every 2 weeks to maintain high levels of good bacteria. 

Sludge remover for koi pond


Cast tablets throughout the pond. Placement does not need to be exact. 

SludgeX Dosage Rates
100 gallons 3 tablets
1,000 gallons 30 tablets or 1 scoop
2,000 gallons 60 tablets or 2 scoops
5,000 gallons 150 tablets or 5 scoops 





*1 oz scoop included

Treat every 2 weeks for best results. Use when water temperature is above 40 degrees.

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What is pond sludge?

Sludge is organic waste that accumulates in ponds. Sludge is also known as muck. This consists of fish poop, fish food, leaves and other vegetation that has died back.

When should SludgeX be used?

Use through all seasons to break down muck and maintain a clean pond bottom. Stop using when water temperature drops below 40 degrees.

SludgeX pond cleaner safe for animals, pets, and birds that visit the pond. It is all-natural so it is safe for fish and other aquatic life as well.

This treatment is for use in koi ponds, garden ponds, small outdoor ponds, and large aquariums.

SludgeX is an excellent starting point for your koi pond maintenance routine. Use SludgeX with PhosDrop and Nutrient Knockout or SummerClear to restore balance to the pond.