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Koi Goldfish Mix 10 fish, 3-5" each

Each Colorful Pond Fish Pack is hand picked to include unique colors & patterns per box.

Order includes koi fish, shubunkin, red comet (goldfish), and sarasa comets, each measuring 3-5" long.

Our Live Fish Direct Ship Program takes special care steps to ensure live & healthy arrival of pond fish.

Shubunkin are a type of goldfish that have unique calico pattern of white, orange, black, and blue.

Mature Adult Size: 9-18"

Shubunkin Lifespan: 10-15 years

Comets or common goldfish can be red, white, or a mixed of both (Sarasa Comet)

Mature Adult Size: 9-18"

Goldfish Lifespan: 10-15 years

Koi are pond fish known for their brilliant colors and unique patterns.

Mature Adult Size: 20-30"

Koi Fish Lifespan: approx 20 years

Shipping Information

Live Fish Orders are processed within 24 hours Monday through Thursday. Because this is a live product, orders placed after 2 PM EST on Thursday will ship the following Monday to ensure safe arrival.  Arrival times vary based on location. The delivery time shown by Amazon may not always be accurate.

What to expect upon arrival of pond fish:

Inside the delivery box is an insulated box liner to reduce wide temperature swings. Fish are double bagged and shipped in blue/green colored water which contains stress reducing formula. Fish care instructions and goldfish food is included.