Live Koi Goldfish Combo 5-7"

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Koi Goldfish Mix 10 fish, 5-7" each

Each Colorful Pond Fish Pack is hand picked to include unique colors & patterns per box.

Order includes koi fish, shubunkin, red comet (goldfish), and sarasa comets, each measuring 5-7" long.

Our Live Fish Direct Ship Program takes special care steps to ensure live & healthy arrival of pond fish.


Shubunkin are a type of goldfish that have unique calico pattern of white, orange, black, and blue.

Mature Adult Size: 9-18"

Shubunkin Lifespan: 10-15 years

Comets or common goldfish can be red, white, or a mixed of both (Sarasa Comet)

Mature Adult Size: 9-18"

Goldfish Lifespan: 10-15 years

Koi are pond fish known for their brilliant colors and unique patterns.

Mature Adult Size: 20-30"

Koi Fish Lifespan: approx 20 years


Shipping Information

Live Fish Orders are processed within 24 hours Monday through Thursday. Because this is a live product, orders placed after 2 PM EST on Thursday will ship the following Monday to ensure safe arrival.  Arrival times vary based on location. 

What to expect when live pond fish are delivered:

Inside the delivery box is an insulated box liner to reduce wide temperature swings. Fish are double bagged and shipped in blue/green colored water which contains stress reducing formula. Fish care instructions and goldfish food is included.